RamWorld Cardiff policies

Data protection

RampWorld Cardiff does not share any personal information collected on our website to any third party suppliers. Upon arrival, your information is used to keep track of participants on the premises. In case of an emergency where first aid is required, we will contact parental and/ or emergency contact details. We operate in an ‘opt-in’ approach to emails, therefore, we only send you an email with your registration details upon registering. A detailed break down of how we use information can be requested by emailing us.

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Terms and conditions

Coming soon! Please see the latest terms and conditions that RampWorld Cardiff operate. If you require any guidence or queries, please contact us via email.

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Cookie policy

RampWorld Cardiff, cookies are used for enhancing the user experience while visiting the site. We keep a small amount of information on your device, which can be managed via your browser settings, to ensure a pleasant visit. Cookies are used mainly to speed the performance of the site.

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RampWorld Cardiff uses an analytics tool to better understand trends and to provide a better experience for the user. We use a third-party software by Google, Inc to carry out this task.

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