Advanced features

Find out more about our advanced features

RampWorld Cardiff has advanced features to allow yourself to book in advance!

This will allow you to search by your membership number and Date of Birth to book for a session within the comfort of your home. Enjoy the faster way to booking. This will automatically allow you to use any future features.

Disabling or Enabling advanced features

To disable or enable advanced features, you will need to complete a short form to confirm your membership details. The details that you must have at hand are:
  • Participant’s membership number.
  • Participant’s date of birth.
  • Participant’s email address (When enabling advanced features, this will be used to email a verification email).
Please note: all details must match the details participant registered with.

When you have chosen to enabled advanced features, your membership will be searchable on the online booking form. When using the booking form, if both membership number and date of birth match the details on your membership, the participant’s forename and surname will be shown. You can prevent this by disabling advanced features, however, you will no longer have the ability to book your sessions online.

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