RampWorld Cardiff Policies


We do not redistribute any data collected on www.rampworldcardiff.co.uk.

On www.rampworldcardiff.co.uk we do not use or distribute data to third-party buyers and is only used on site during attendance monitoring and online with minimal data used to allow for a smooth booking experience.


We use cookies to enhance user experience

On www.rampworldcardiff.co.uk domain, cookies are used to enhance the user experience while visiting the site. We keep a small amount of information on your device, which can be managed via your browser settings, to ensure a pleasant visit. Cookies are used mainly to speed the performance of the site.


On www.rampworldcardiff.co.uk domain, we use an analytics tool to better understand trends and to provide a better experience to the user. We use a third-party software by Google, Inc to carry out this task.