The Performance Area

RampWorld Cardiff Performance Area. Including foam pit and resi ramp.

RampWorld Cardiff has a foam pit with a raised drop to develop your skills with less risk of damage. As well as the foam pit, we have a resi ramps which allows you to practice your tricks.


This is an expert only area, therefore, no beginners are allowed to use them during the beginner’s sessions.

Big Jump Boxes

RampWorld Cardiff Big Boxes.

The ‘Big’ Jump box section contains four 5′ tall jump boxes and ending 6′ box with a raised landing. Surrounding both sides, there are 9ft quarters


If you wish to jump the boxes, the decks must be cleared before beginning your run.

Small Jump Boxes

RampWorld Cardiff Small Jump Boxes.

The ‘Small’ boxes are a novice friendly jump boxes with two 4′ boxes followed by a 180° berm. From the berm, we have a step-up-step-down which leads into the step-up


You must go anti-clockwise during peak times and you cannot sit on the boxes.

The NEW Street Section

RampWorld Cardiff NewStreet Section.

We have recently added a new section into RampWorld which connects to old street section. We have 10ft vert wall with a bowl-style corner, flat banks, wallrides, height-adjustable rail, movable grind boxes and a stair set.

The Street Section

RampWorld Cardiff Old Street Section.

Contains the classic ‘A’ frame with grind ledge on one side and a grind rail on the opposite side. A bowl-style quarter, flat banks, 4ft quarters, more rails and grind boxes and a vert wall.

Half-pipe Training Area

RampWorld Cardiff Mini Half Pipe.

This area is mainly used by skateboarders and beginners to learn the basics on half pipe tricks before going onto the bigger half pipe. The half pipe is 3ft tall.

Spine-mini Area

RampWorld Cardiff Half Pipe

This has 6ft quarters with a spine in the middle with a clear perspex wall ride. For the less confident, we have a small 4ft quarter with a volcano and a over-vert quarter pipe.

The Bowl Area

RampWorld Cardiff Bowl.

Where it all began, this was the first section we completed. It has 16′ vert walls, teardrop volcano spine, volcano, hips, 6,7 and 9ft quarters.

Mini Pump Track

RampWorld Cardiff Pump Track.

This is an ideal area for beginners to learn the core fundamental of balance and pumping skills.


RampWorld Cardiff Cafe

A brand new Café Is now open at RampWorld Cardiff.