• Dennis testing the bowl
  • Our wooden overberm 'Entranced'
  • Dan
  • Jamies OK
  • Jason up on the curved wall
  • Manon airing the 7'

RampWorld Cardiff Membership

RampWorld Cardiff has a new membership registration system. It’s a free service. All customers will need to register as members and will be allocated a unique membership number. Please provide this number at reception fast entry.


Our goal is to reduce the queue time, allowing the participant more time to use our facilities.

For this to be successful, we suggest becoming a member before attending the skatepark, however, we do provide online registrations at RampWorld Cardiff.

What you need to provide

  1. Participant’s details such as name, number, postal address and date of birth
  2. A valid email address – We will send you an email confirming and to verify your details.
  3. If under 16, a parent/ guardian must provide their details such as name, Number and a valid email address – We will send you an email confirming and to verify the participant’s details.
  4. At least one emergency contact name and number. Maximum of two.

Whats Next?

Use our easy-to-use registration form and become a RampWorld Cardiff Member!

Click the button below to start or follow the link.



RampWorldCardiff is a non profit making charity set up to provide a progressive indoor Extreme sports training facility for South Wales.

There is no need to book in advance, but all participants must register here


All scooter riders and everyone under the age of 16 must wear a helmet RampWorld Cardiff. No Exceptions

All Scooters and Bikes must have Bar end plugs fitted to their handlebars, we sell them in the park for £4 a pair

We do not rent helmets, however, helmets start from £20

No fold-up scooters, no three wheeled scooters.

Opening Hours & Pricing

Opening Hours